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We are proud to announce, that FirstMUN will be organized again by the students of Vechtdal College.

This year’s conference will be held on the 11th of November and will end on the 13th of November. The delegates and teachers will be welcomed at our school, Vechtdal College in Hardenberg. During this weekend the delegates will be attending workshops related to various useful skills which are required at most MUNs.

These workshops are provided by students who have participated in several ways at different conferences. On completion of the workshops, the delegates will participate in an active debate about their committee’s topic.


Each committee’s topic is connected to the general theme of FirstMUN 2016, which is: “7 billion and counting”.

Overpopulation never seemed such a big deal, our population has grown continuously throughout the past. However, the most significant increase has been in the last couple of decades. This increase is a result of our advanced knowledge about medicine, agriculture and alternative energy. This world is currently inhabited by approximately seven and a half billion people, but ultimately, the population will rise even beyond this amount. A growing population should be fine and even beneficial, If we manage to keep our economies, ecosystems, and agricultural yield to a level which matches the needs of such a large number of people.

The topic of Resource management and its ability to respond to an ever growing population will be a major concern for the delegates of this year’s conference.


Are you interested in our event? Or do you just want an impression of it?

It doesn't matter what you want, watching our live stream of the opening/closing ceremonies and debates is always fun! Oh, and don't forget to watch our aftermovie!

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